Sunday, March 09, 2008

Making Progress

On the Writing Side: I recently signed up for a continuing education course, the focus of which is writing for magazines. I'm taking to heart the advice I've heard on numerous occasions that states freelancing is the best inroad to publishing--or at least a good way to earn enough to buy a decent meal. I've written articles for newsletters in the past and hated it, but the sheer joy I get from writing about outdoor Carolinas destinations changed my perspective.

I continue to make revisions on my novel. The Blue Ridge conference is two months away and I have much to do to prepare for that event, including researching the faculty (so I'll know who to chat with about various subjects, and who represents books in my genre), ordering new business cards, creating one sheets, and writing the action plan that's forming in my head.

On the Marketing Side: I'm participating in American Christian Fiction Writers' March online course, "Establishing an Internet presence". Thus far the discussion on setting up a web log has helped me improve the look of my travel blog. These courses have been a great asset, and are worth ACFW's annual membership dues.

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