Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The End--Okay, For Now

I began Diary of a Novel to record the journey of my first manuscript. Since then, I've completed five novels. Two are in their raw, first draft form, one has been polished but most likely needs to be revised again to tighten the writing, and two are undergoing revisions. Two novels are the queue.

I've learned about characterization, self-editing, showing and telling, and learned to deal with those sagging middle. I've attended workshops and a writers' conference, and pitched my work to an agent and a publisher. And like so many authors, I've received rejections. I've done much, and I'm proud of myself for those accomplishments. My first novel has been laid to rest, and since it has reached its natural conclusion, it's time for the record of its journey to end as well. Why? I simply need more time to focus on my other blog, Carolina Towns and Trails.

I'll miss this, for sure. It's been a part of my life for years, but it's time to move on, to learn more and to grow. I couldn't have done that without this journey.

So here they are, the words every novelist longs to write, words that mark long hours of hard work and sweat as thoughts and feelings are poured onto paper. Two tiny words that represent thousands, and that bring characters we've grown to love to their final destiny. Words that make us grieve and even cry, and words that are difficult to write. They are, in all their simplicity,

The End
But don't be surprised if you see a sequel in the near future ;o)


elysabeth said...

Just because you have laid your first novel to rest does not mean you must end this blog. I think you can keep it going. It doesn't have to be a diary of the first novel - it can be of any novel of your choosing. Maybe you will find a reason to keep this blog. Will miss you on here but some of it I do understand. I need to write my newsletter so I can get that out - I'm so behind - E :)

Kimberli said...

Thanks, E. Believe me, I already miss it and keep coming up with subjects to discuss in posts. I made the decision after I considered two things: the mission of the blog and the availability of the subject matter. The mission is fulfilled--this is a diary of a novel from its beginning to end. In Marching to Zion's case, the end meant putting it to rest where it will never again be seen (after all, it was my first novel, lol.) Also, I felt it necessary to demonstate the fact that not all novels--most, I'm sure--will make it to print. When people begin to pen a story, they need to decide if they're writing to fulfill a personal goal, writing to entertain friends and family, or writing with the intent to publish. If the latter, they need to understand the manuscript they'll pour hundreds of hours into may not be printed. Not to say that the skill they earned from the experience, and possibly even portions of the work, will most likely come in handy later.

My second consideration was subject matter. The fact is, hundreds of authors discuss the subject of writing, and one can find innumerable blogs on the subect. You know I love helping other writers in their quest. While I can give direction and advice, I think it's best they read blogs of those in the industry and learn from their experience.

Okay, there's another reason. I'm having a hard time maintaining two blogs and working on other material. Since readership on my Carolina Towns and Trails blog is substantially higher, and since I adore writing articles for that blog, I'm pouring blog time into that venue.

So in one sense, this blog hasn't ended. I'm applying the lessons I learned over the past four years and recorded in Diary of a Novel to share the glorious Carolinas with other.