Saturday, April 05, 2008

Finding the Perfect Words

I just spent the last several hours revising three paragraphs of my novel. The task frustrated and mentally exhausted me, but the scene had the "reported" feel I discussed in my last post. I had to bring it to life.

After much agony and frequent visits to, I finally closed my eyes and imagined the scene and the character's emotions in detail. I then froze everything, and while I looked around, I asked myself what the reader should see, and what they should read between the lines. Finally, with eyes still closed, I began to type.

I'm satisfied with the results for now, but I've learned it's best to close the file and rest before I review my work and proclaim the story set in stone. It is after 11:00 P.M. What may sound like brilliant prose tonight may look like dribble in the morning. Come to think of it, I may end up revising this post sometime tomorrow.

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Annette O'Hare said...

This post reminds me of something a girlfriend at my writers group said. She had been working on an introduction for a Bible study based on her life. She'd been laboring over it literally all day long. Her hubby came home, read it and commented that she should really spend more time on something that important. She was ready to kill him. She was going to start from scratch the next day. LOL