Monday, May 18, 2009

Busting Through the Bottleneck

Every piece of advice I've read about writer's block included a command to just sit down and write. I tried that several times over the past few weeks, but produced very little work.

And I tried it again last night. But this time, instead of working on what feels like a static chapter, I focused on chapter the next (as I call them until I'm ready to assign a number.) The same sludgy feeling hit me when I started, but halfway through, a thrill I'd almost forgotten filled me, and the words began to flow. Finally!

I think, though I can't yet say for sure, that my efforts to show the character's situation influenced me. Her life slowed to a stop, and so did my writing. When a certain something pumped new life into her, the story came alive again. Once I finish this chapter, I'll print out the last three and read them straight through. Hopefully, this will help me determine if something is wrong with Chapter Fifteen, or if I merely accomplished what I set out to do.


Sarah Salter said...

Yay! I'm so proud of you, Kimberli! Keep pushing through, Sister-Friend! :-)

Kimberli said...

Thank you, ma'am. It was a great feeling, one I hope continues since I'm only halfway through the novel, lol.