Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cracking Down

Now that the writing slump is over, I'm cracking down to finish revisions on my current WIP. Instead of getting up and ready for the day, and trying to fit in some writing time when I can, I'm forcing myself to work from bed until I've revised an entire chapter.

Ohhh, you say. That sounds really tough *wink, wink* Well, it is. I'm a morning person. A Type-A one at that. Semi-retiring pert near killed me (I'm still hoping to work at least two days a week) so this is akin to medical bedrest. When sunlight streams into my room each day, I'm anxious to get going, so I type. It's working so far--in the past few days, I've revised three chapters. At this rate, I'll finish initial revisions in less than two weeks.

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