Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finished This Phase

I finished reading the remainder of my story, though it pained me to do so given the first draft writing. Fortunately, about three quarters into the story the prose evened out. This is where the writing lessons kicked in last year. Reading became less arduous then, and I could enjoy the story better while searching for redundancies and other problems.

On the subject of redundancies, while reading, I noticed people often rolled their heads or their eyes. It's a wonder I didn't write them suffering from motion sickness. I'll keep the most appropriate and change the rest. My characters also like to cup one another faces. No surprise there, since my husband does it to me and I enjoy the sweetness of it. But in this story, its power diminishes with frequent use.

I'll start revisions again today, working chapter by chapter, using the notes I made and the notes a critiquer offered. I'll be thrilled when the first round of revisions is finished and I can read the entire story in one shot. More thrilled if I don't have to make additional changes!

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