Monday, June 01, 2009

Oh, Joy!

Joy, humanly speaking, that is. Since January, I've been revising my latest novel. I reached my favorite chapter this past weekend, the one that leads up to the crux of the novel. In it, the characters have reached a place where both have found understanding, happiness, and for one stellar moment, peace. I can't allow that to continue, of course, but I certainly permitted them to revel in the moment.

It's in this chapter that I particularly appreciate the lessons I've learned on Deep POV and its related elements: showing and sensory details. I'm taking joy in polishing the scene, removing a word here or there to make the lines flow as smoothly as the river the characters are on, the river that indicates their journey will continue. Delight swells within me each time I review the pages, and I feel like a sculptor putting the finishing touches on a masterpiece.

Whether it is a masterpiece remains to be seen, but it's my baby, and like any good mother, I think my baby is the greatest! That said, also like a good mother, I'll corrected it if necessary.

Writing truly is a privilege, and I'm humbled to have the opportunity to put this story into words.

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