Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ten Steps Forward, Then Collapse

While living in the glorious South Carolina Upstate, my husband and I often enjoyed hiking Table Rock Mountain. It's a tough climb, and in certain steep areas along the trail, we took ten steps, then stopped for several minutes to catch our breath before moving on. Ten steps, breath, move on.

That's a good way to describe the situation regarding my WIP (work in progress). Revisions were moving along at a steady pace--finally! Then I received feedback from a member of my critique group. In an off-the-cuff remark, she mentioned the back and forth between the characters. Squinting my eyes, I leaned closer to the monitor and read it again. Back and forth? I didn't build that into the story.

I consulted another ACFW member who'd read half the revised chapters. In a heartrending confirmation, she agreed I'd restated a point of conflict. A search revealed a large chunk of inner monologue that greatly resembled new inner monologue I'd included in an expanded scene. Another search, a small vein running through yet another chapter. Argh!

This shows the important of backing up and looking at the story on a large scale. I wanted--needed--to move forward on this novel. Now I have to take a breather while I search previous chapters for redundancies.

Did I say argh?

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