Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching Up--Again

In the past month, I've been in Orlando, Florida, and southern California. I wrote when I could, but haven't accomplished as much as I'd hoped. But I'm pressing on. I have only sixty-two pages of WSB left to revise, and I finished one chapter, and started another of Heart of Eden. I'd like to get all first drafts floating around my computer completed, and once I send a few queries for WSB, I'll start revising another work.

In the midst of all this writing is instruction. The chapters on description and Point of View in Monica Wood's Description are fantastic. I wish I'd read them when I started this writing journey. Also, my dear husband gave me a gift subscription to The Writer magazine. I dug into a few of the pages this morning, and am pleased with the information. But I'm not stopping with personal instruction. I'd planned to attend a workshop this weekend, but unfortunately, the organizers had to cancel the event. However, I'm registered for another workshop to be held at the end of August.

That's a lot of work, you may say. My response is, so? Time will pass whether or not I write, so why not spend that time doing something I love? It's far better than watching reruns on television, eh?

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