Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Expanding My Universe

One of the first things I did after shutting out my writing life was pick up a book and start reading. I've been reading, mind you, but not a lot. Not as much as I should, and certainly not the variety of subjects necessary to sharpen and expand the mind. Most of my material was either writing books or blogs on writing. I included bits of fiction at times, but had so very little patience with the long rambling paragraphs I recently learned are needed to qualify my work as Women's Fiction (Yikes, did that sound bitter?) that I skipped through pages, picking up bits and pieces of the story until I reached the end.

That has to stop!

So I'm currently reading Eva Marie Everson's Things Left Unspoken. And I'm forcing myself to ingest each page, which, thankfully, isn't difficult with this book. She's a lovely writer, and just when my attention started wandering, she threw in a twist. Very cool, Ms. Everson.

I'm also reading A History of Mt. Mitchell and the Black Mountains. Why? I'm a Carolinaholic. I love, explore, breath, and blog anything Carolina (except Myrtle Beach.) All my stories are set in the Carolinas, at least for a portion of the story. Books on the subject cover the top shelf of a bookcase sitting near the front door. Past practice saw me researching a destination during or after a trip, but I now intend to spend more time in the regional publications I purchased at local bookstores.

It's time to expand my universe. To explore new life and civilization, and boldly go where I haven't gone before.

That's my way of telling you I'm a Trekkie, and to expect more references in the future. Heh.

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