Monday, September 14, 2009

Next on the List

Writing is a constant learning process, and so is life, especially life in the Carolinas. As I mentioned in a previous post, our explorations not only take us to new Carolinas destinations, but also to subjects I must research in order to write about them.

Last week, I learned a bit about the quartzite monadnocks of the Sauratown Range (sorry, I just love to say that.) This week, I'll focus on rock outcroppings. It doesn't sound glamorous, but a local land conservancy purchased the land where a particular outcropping is located because of that rock's existence. This is significant. From what I understand, these outcroppings shouldn't exist on this side of the Piedmont, but they do. A lot of mountainous things shouldn't exist this close to the coast, but they do, and they do so near the Fall Zone. That intrigues me, and now, I want to know how and why.

I'd also like to learn about the solitary grave nearly hidden in the woods:

And so my grandson won't have to tell everyone his grandmother is an uber nerd, I'm learning how to knit :D

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