Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Project to Finish

Another bullet on my post-publishing To-Do list: make corrections to the Bible overview I wrote last year for our College and Careers class. I'd been asked to take over the class for a time, and since I didn't feel right jumping into a study without placing it in context, I wrote an overview.

I'm no theologian, so I focused on the facts. However, it's difficult not to stray into spiritual matters when dealing with the Scriptures, so I asked my M.Div husband for oversight on the project. He agreed, and I ended up learning more even as I sought to teach.

While leading the study, I found areas that needed clarification or minute corrections. And I just plain neglected to type up the section on the minor prophets! Instead of immediately making those corrections, I marked up the handouts and put the entire project aside at the end of the study. With my plate now cleared, methinks it's time to finish.

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