Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I noticed something funny in blogsville today. A chain of cause-and-effects led me to do a search for this blog address on Google and you know what? It only appeared in the search results where it was related to other pages. I did a search on Yahoo and boom, there it was. I tried another engine and zip. No blog. Interestingly, that engine was powered by my blog host.

I found my blog when I forced a search (site:diaryofanovel.blogspot.com) but not when I searched on the address alone. By now, I had a few suspicions. After doing a search on a few more keywords, I finally realized my blog had been flagged for offensive material. This blog? The blog in which I discuss my writing and knitting? Yes, and I suspect it had a lot to do with the "Flag of Iwo Jima Falling" post. The post in which I expressed my concerns about a conversation I had with a friend regarding health care, the direction of our government, and—this part gets me—our freedoms.

So....I reviewed the post and removed the part about health care and the administration and you know what? My blog is showing up on Google again! Do you know what this means????

I HAVE A VOICE! A VOICE THAT MUST BE STOPPED! Oh my, so this is what the struggle for freedom feels like. Let freedom ring!

BTW, you may think I caved by removing the "offensive" material, but I didn't. When I wrote the original post, I knew I'd focused on two subjects instead of one, but I was upset and wanted to discuss both, so I removed material not reflected in the bulk of the text and in the title. Believe me, I won't mind writing about my other concerns now that I know someone thinks what I'm saying is important enough to be censored.

Goodness, little ol' me has a voice. A voice that must be stopped. Amazing.


Tennessee Wildflower said...

Can you say Red China?
Two words re: the current POTUS.
Manchurian Candidate.

Kimberli said...

Unreal, isn't it? I suspect one or more visiting dissenters clicked on the "Flag this Blog". As I understand it, that removes blogs from the listings until it can be reviewed. These are probably people who scream "Tolerance!"

Was my sarcasm evident? I hope so, but even so, wow, what a feeling it gave me when someone took it upon themselves to silence my voice.