Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Flag of Iwo Jima Falling

The manager of a Bank of America in Gaffney, SC recently removed flags—American flags—that a distraught family member had posted along a fallen soldier's return route. Why? Because it might offend a few customers. (Fortunately, the bank's official policy seems to differ from the manager's, which is convenient since the American flag serves as their logo.) The manager of an apartment complex in Oregon recently banned all flags, including the American flag, for the same reason.

Ban Americans from flying the American flag to avoid offending someone?

Something has happened to this country, and I don't know what or when the change occurred. After hearing this, and after a particulary disturbing conversation with someone on Facebook, I thought of the monument in Washington DC that depicts the struggle of several men to raise the flag at Iwo Jima. I thought of my grandfather who fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Of my husband's uncle who served as tail gunner during WWII. Of the firemen who raised the flag at the ruined base of the Twin Towers. Of all the men and women who died protecting the freedoms of this country, including those who served in the Middle East drawing fire away from this nation's land, and looking at the direction this country is going in now, with people who think Americans should censure their flag lest it offend others, I wonder if it was all in vain.


Tennessee Wildflower said...

No, its not all in vain.
A man, an American Veteran and former POW, in the Knoxville area was sued by his home owners assoc. for flying a flag too high.

They lost in a landslide victory for this man. After what he'd been through the homeowners assoc. made themselves very visible and unpopular with everyone in Knoxville.

They were all out in support of the man and NOT the "rulez" of this fargin bunch of commies.

There are problems, but not all of us are blind and dumb!

Hugs! Dana Bee

Kimberli said...

I never imagined I'd see the day people would outlaw the American flag to avoid offending someone (Who? Enemies?) Go to another country and tell them to take down their flag and watch their reaction. I wouldn't even think to ask them to commit such an offense.

All this while an organization is flying WWII Vets to Washington DC to see the memorial commemorating their service to this country and that flag.

I'm glad that HOA lost the battle, it speaks well, but I'm very concerned about this twist.

Tennessee Wildflower said...

don't be. Read the book of Revelations. We know what will happen and how it ends. Remember these words, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's." It's a political,worldly, predictable turn of events.