Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I've wanted to blog about several items this week ranging from my disgust over so called televangelists begging viewers for a thousand bucks (Christian, God only asked for 10% of your income to help fund the churches and charities they're supposed to oversee. Those people are marking up the price) to my disgust over Americans selling their freedoms for a model that has been proven to be oppressive, but my thoughts have been on the magnificence and fragility of life.

A dear friend of ours passed on last week. Her leaving wasn't unexpected, but the timing was. We'd hoped to have her around until sometime next year, but weakness and infection set in. She went gently, as we prayed she would. And while Christmas is a bit more somber because of her absence, I can't help but appreciate it more. For with the birth of Jesus came the fulfillment of the promise God made for a redeemer. The "scapegoat", the final sacrifice who paid the penalty for sins. As one who received him, who believed on his name, my dear friend was given the right to be called (a child) of God, and that payment was applied to her. As my husband said, while we celebrate Christmas here, she's celebrating in heaven. What a comfort. What a God.

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