Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Point

My husband dragged me to the theater to see Avatar last week. I'm a fan of Sci Fi and the color blue, but this billion-dollar venture failed to entice me, especially after I learned director James Cameron used the movie as a platform to condemn the US's war on terror.

So I was a bit confused when the supposed enlightened beings proceeded to wage a violent battle against the, in this movie, bad guys. As I now understand it, Mr. Cameron believes war is permissible when striving to protect innocents and territory from intruders who seek to anniliate life, property, and the freedom to worship.

A tragic reality, but as the movie shows, one that is often necessary.


Magicmomma said...

I think that as Christians, while we might desire world peace we know from scripture that it is not to be a time of lasting peace until the Lord returns. So to me I must take the view of the Quakers which says that while peace is a goal to be worked toward and a highly desirable state..... it is unrealistic and that the military is a necessary thing for now. War is a necessary thing... a tool at times used to put down despots in working toward a greater good.

Kimberli said...

Well said.