Friday, March 19, 2010

Cooking with Paula Deen

I've been out of town, which is why I haven't posted in a few days. My husband had a class in Columbia, SC, and I accompanied him because I love to be with him, and because I wasn't about to get stuck at home with the dog.

I took plenty of reading, writing, and knitting material, but those can only keep me occupied for so long. A Carolina Towns and Trails blog post needed my attention, too. Unfortunately, the Internet signal was both weak and intermittent. So I did something I rarely do. I watched television.

There's a lot of nothing on during the day, so I turned to the Food Network. If you know me, you probably snorted or choked when you read that. I hate cooking. Despise it, but I need a little help in that department, and since I had time on my hands, I turned on the telly.

And found Paula Deen.

I'd seen her cookbooks while strolling around shops in Savannah. Saw the lines at her restaurant door, but I had never seen her in action and I tell you, I was absolutely mesmerized when I did. A bit horrified by the amount of mayonnaise and butter she used, but totally taken by her sweet smile and the ease in which she tossed a cup of mayo and a few more ingredients into a bowl, topped it with butter, and popped it on the grill. After one show, I was hooked, and I actually wanted to cook. Me! The person whose idea of making a meal is opening a couple of boxes and cans, mixing them together, and calling it soup.

I was so excited, I decided to think about buying one of her cookbooks. After wandering around for a few minutes, I found the cookbook section at Barnes & Noble and actually stepped into the aisle. It took awhile to find her books (apparently, she earned her own shelf, which was behind me), but I did, and I scanned through them, searching for those easy meals she made without mussing her hair, nails, or sunny disposition.

BTW, I decided the cookbook section at B&N is the perfect hiding place. No one would think of looking for me there.

We opted not to have cable at home, so I'll have to find another way to get my Cooking with Paula fix. If her shows aren't available on Netflix, I'll consult with my friends. Apparently, they've been watching her for some time. They didn't mention it because they didn't think I'd be interested.

Who knew? Not me. I can't wait to try that pineapple porkchop recipe.


Julie said...

I became absolutely obsessed with the Food Network when I was pregnant, and I'm terrible in the kitchen. Let me know how the Paula cookbooks turn out. I may have to try them out.

Kimberli said...

I tried watching other shows on FN, but didn't enjoy them. Paula's, I loved!

I think I found the cookbook (her Family Cookbook) but I'll have to take more time to look through the recipes. I want good meals made with ingredients most people would have in their kitchen. Nothing exotic or fancy.

I'll let you know how that works out, lol.