Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The First Indication Something Was Amiss....

...before a certain group allegedly plotted to kill a police officer and set off bombs at the funeral should have been the name "Christian Militia". Those truly born again, who know they are saved by God's grace alone and that they cannot muscle their way into heaven by doing good--or bad--works in the name of God, know this militia thing is a no-no.

Don't try to excuse those action by claiming this country was born by patriots fighting against tyranny. The patriots had reps who made decisions and formed a continental army.

Don't try to tell me it's God's will or that He told you to do it. Read the Bible and you'll know better.

Don't disturb the peace by engaging in terror tactics our military is fighting against.

And absolutely do not threaten the life of a police officer. That's more than uncool. The men and women who swore to serve and protect will show up at your house in the middle of a night if an intruder breaks in. Watch their backs, people. Don't stick a knife in it. They have spouses and kids, just like you.

If you have a grudge against the government, take it to the polls. That is our country's greatest strength. Don't weaken the domestic tranquility for us and our posterity by participating in cowardly acts that will inevitably backlash on your cause.

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