Thursday, April 01, 2010

Exploring the Watery Trail

The time has come to explore the Carolinas via the watery trail. If all goes well, we're going kayaking tomorrow.

Winding blackwater rivers in North Carolina, and tidal creeks carved through the thick grasses on Lowcountry marshes in South Carolina have been calling to us for years now. I don't know why we put it off so long, but after talking about it a few months ago, we decided this would be the year we'll hit the water. We're looking forward to kayaking the likes of Currituck Sound, Landsford Canal when the spider lilies are in bloom, and whatever route will lead us to the graveyard and ponies on Shackleford Island. And that's just a start.

We have a bit of research to do before we dive in, though. To play it safe, we'll start with lessons and a guided tour down. I'll take pictures if I can figure out how to protect my camera in the event I flip over. Not that the thought of landing in the water bothers me. Unless, of course, a shark, a gator or a snake with a taste for Buffaloe burgers is lurking nearby. But I'm willing to take the chance for a taste of this:

Stay tuned.

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