Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Time To Post

When people attempt to leave comments telling me how helpful this apparently-abandoned blog is, and oh by the way, they can offer cheap pharmaceuticals just click here, it's time to post. Sigh.

Though I was happy to leave up the Crossing Oceans review. Have you read it yet? Please do. As one friend wrote, it's INSANELY GOOD!

That wasn't the reason for the delay, though. I just wasn't sure what to write. I so wanted to share our experience taking a sweet, ninety-two-year-old lady down to Fort Fisher to fulfill her wish to see the ocean one last time, but writing a post about it seemed self-serving. I also considered sharing a short piece I wrote called Summer Breeze, about the sounds of dusk and the nightly twinkle of lightning bugs and stars, and the peace and serenity present in my back yard, peace that's shattered when I turn on the news. But as I think about it, it isn't finished. I should tie it to Gone with the Wind.

Ashley's Gotterdammerung.

And I'm sure you don't want to hear that I've expanded my lot on Farmville.

So that leaves every-day nothings to write about. I'm sure I could pull it off. After all, Jerry Seinfeld created a series on the subject.

But what could you take away when you close the browser? (Besides links to cheap meds, that is.)

I can talk about nothing, but I can't leave you with nothing, so I'll post advice my music teacher shared with me today.

Quoting a friend, he said, "Never compare yourself to anyone. You'll either become boastful or bitter."

Now that's something to think about.

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