Tuesday, November 02, 2010

On a Roll

I've been keeping busy these past two weeks, writing and caring for Gracie and have news on both fronts.

Gracie is doing well, growing stronger, and is a complete joy despite a life of mistreatment and abuse. She's finally learning she owns us! After a friend suggested I chronicle her path to recovery, I created a blog called Saved, by Grace: http://savedbygracie.wordpress.com Photos included!

Revisions on my novel continue, but prompted by a member of my critique group, I wrote a short story. A joke at first. She asked for short. I gave her short. Two hundred and sixty seven words! But she liked the premise and my descriptions, and told me to send it when it met the word count. I've written only one other short so I'm not familiar with the technical aspects. But I'm willing to learn, and did. I enjoyed the process so much, I converted another story idea into a short.

Wait a minute, you may say. I thought you quit writing. A common misconception, I'm learning. Last year, I stepped back from the pursuit of publishing. For some reason, people assumed that meant I stopped writing altogether. I can't. I know, I've tried! Instead, I've spent the last year improving my craft. You can see the result in February, when that short story I mentioned is scheduled to be published.

And now, off to my flute lesson. More on that later.

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