Monday, January 17, 2011

Knitting For Little Heads and Big Feet

Thanks to two winter-weather events that had us snowed and iced in, I recently finished several knitting projects. One for my feet, and two for the infant daughter of friends.

First, the Slipper Sox. Though a bit slippery on my wood floors, they're incredible warm. The free pattern is available on Lion Brand's website.

Despite the post title, my feet aren't that big. The size shown is small--women's shoe size 7-8. However, from the feel of it, they may fit an 8 1/2 to 9.

Next, a cable knit cap designed by Michelle Dickson:

And the Baby "Leaves" Hat by Heidi Sunday (pattern available on Ravelry).

The same hat modeled by Yoda, Jedi Master and for a time, one of the last of the Jedi Knights:

Aside from amusing people with that picture, the hats warm heads and hearts, mostly mine. But what does knitting have to do with writing? Just more life experience I slipped into a story.

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