Saturday, January 29, 2011

Missing News from Facebook Friends? Change Your Setting

I wondered what was going on. I stopped receiving comments from some friends. I didn't see statuses from others. My husband pointed out links and statuses of mutual connections, but I didn't see them in my news feed. But when I accessed FB from my iTouch or phone, there they were along with stores and organizations I followed. 

This past week, I found out why.

I happened on an article that explained how information is chosen for your Facebook News Feed. I don't have the link to share, but in short, your default setting only displays posts from people you interact with the most.

Of course you interact with them the most. They're the only friends you see.

To check or change your setting, log onto Facebook, and when your home page (news feed) is finished loading, scroll down to the last post. Below that, you'll see Older Posts on the left, and Edit Options on the right.

Click on Edit Option and in the Show Posts From field, change it to All Friends and Pages. People you haven't see in some time will suddenly pop up in your feed.

Our thanks to the person who wrote that article. 

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