Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book Review: Rocky Mountain Hero by Audra Harders

The road to happiness takes a detour when Melanie Hunter wrecks her truck on a muddy pass in the Rocky Mountains. Though she and her son are unharmed, they're stuck in the middle of nowhere without transportation to an interview for a job that would have allowed the single mother to spend more time with her only child.

Though he doesn't have time to take on one more responsibility, local rancher, Gabe Davidson, comes to Melanie's aid. Bartering truck repairs for Melanie's help organizing the community's annual barbecue, Gabe finds himself with a couple more mouths to feed, and an attraction to a woman who eventually captures his heart.

Rocky Mountain Hero is, as the cover aptly bills, a "Heartwarming Inspirational Romance". Instead of giving us bullheaded characters constantly bickering their way into love, Audra Harders introduces us to warm, loving people who charm one another and the reader. The heartaches come from a glimpse into something that seems almost unattainable in this age, whether at home or in the local church: a strong sense of community and a supportive family structure.

A sweet story that touches on an ache carried by far too many.

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