Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scribbling as Fast as I Can

Job and writing related trips have keep us busy for nearly a month, but between travel and the resulting mounds of laundry (there's only two of us. How does that happen?) I've been scribbling like mad.

During the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference, I made several goals, including rewrite the openings to two novels and then revise both to bring them up to my current writing level. I finished one opening, and am revising a chapter a day of that story.

It's interesting to see exactly how much my writing has changed in the past nine months. I'm spotting telling I missed the first time around and areas in dire need of sensory detail. I'm no longer one to use the likes of "he groaned", "she rolled her eyes", "he realized", and "she knew". They're telling and do nothing for the story. But I did have a few too many 'he turned", and "she sighed"'s. Far better to have the characters interact with their environment. This not only allows the reader to stay grounded in the scene, the small tics and character traits hint at unspoken thoughts, emotions, and possible motivations.

As it has since the first time I typed "Shannon Mitchell" on the page, the opening of Where She Belongs continues to allude me. However, I have an idea that may bring my crit partners to a meeting of the minds.

In addition to revising my own material, I'm critiquing a novel one of my crit partners recently contracted. Her first sale! I'm excited for her, especially after reading half the novel. It's cute, clever, and I can't believe it hasn't sold before now.

All in God's timing. Since I have no idea when my own novels will vacate my hard drive, I'm scribbling as fast as I can. It's best to be prepared.

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