Monday, July 04, 2011

Book Review: The Story in the Stars

Just my opinion, but the astronautette on the cover belies the story within. Told in vivid prose, The Story in the Stars is a thoughtful and intelligent yet fascinating novel. My review on B&N:

Her ancestors conquered his. His people tried to annihilate hers. For generations, hostility and distrust separated their worlds. But when the plague created by the Karkars to fight the Gannahans resurfaces on the invaders' planet, killing everyone but the future toqeph, the only one who can save Gannah from extinction is a Karkar.

And he's not in the mood to help.

But sensing an opportunity to secure a spot in medical history—and prove to his people a half Karkar/half human can indeed have redeeming qualities—Dr. Pik condescends to cure the disturbingly fascinating Dassa. Thrown together during the healing process, the galactic outsiders bonded by a history of death form an unlikely friendship, giving Dassa the opportunity to a return a stolen treasure, and to share the story written in the stars.

My rating: five stars, and not because I know the author. As a Sci-Fi fan, I loved this story and a love that rivaled Luke and Callista's. (So take that Kevin J. Anderson ;) It takes Christian Fiction to new heights.

The Story in the Stars is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

For propriety's sake, I have to add that I did not receive any goods, services, or compensation for this review. Not even a signed copy of the book!

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