Wednesday, August 24, 2011


A real one! Yesterday, while getting caught up on some email tasks, the couch I sat on and the house beneath it began to shake. For a brief second, I thought the washer was unbalanced, then I figured another helicopter was flying too low. But when the ominous rumble failed to get louder but the house continued to shake, I knew it was an earthquake.

I knew because, after all, I'd been in one before. Not during one of my visits to California, but during my years in Kentucky. A quick check of the USGS's Latest Earthquake site confirmed my suspicions, but blew me away when it reported a 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit just northwest of Richmond, VA. Five point eight!

The news immediately spread through Twitter and Facebook, and once everyone confirmed everyone else was okay, the jokes started. One Tweeter said he loved Twitter because the news broke even before CNN could report it. During a conversation on Facebook, which included one individual who was in Richmond at the time of the quake, one friend said " that's on the spot reporting".

But my favorite of all was the joke that went viral on FB. It went something along the lines of "That wasn't an earthquake. That was our founding fathers' rolling in their graves."


Hope everyone out there is okay. Next time, let's not tick off Jefferson and Washington. I'm sure they're upset enough as it is.

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