Monday, August 22, 2011

Turning Points

Much has happened over the past few months. We flew to California and spent time with the grandkids. I celebrated a birthday I'll leave unnamed, and days later, my thirtieth anniversary. We spent a few days in Charleston where I learned I still don't know even half of Charleston's history. Before that, I set aside a week to critique a friend's manuscript before she sent it to a publisher.

I'm still reading through the Scriptures and am on Job and I Corinthians. I'm falling behind on flute practice, and I've fought with some knitting projects, but I will prevail. Overall, despite the high heat we've endured this summer, I'm thankful for the time to submerge myself in these tasks and for spending time with loved ones. In these unsettling days, it's good to stop and appreciate our blessings.

A few photos from Boone Hall Plantation:

More to come.

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