Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Art Imitating Life

Bits of this have been tugging at my mind lately. After the huge blow to American liberty--and the giant step toward socialism--I finally sat down and put it together. I just posted it on FB, but felt the need to share here as well.

A House Sits Under a Tree

A house sits under a tree
Facing the road, watching the cars pass by
In the morning, the caretakers that dwell within open its eyes
Sunshine lights up the darkest corners
And soon, the house is filled with the yummy smells of bacon, eggs
Warm bread. It is content.

Later, the house releases the caretakers with a big gaping yawn
They scatter down the road and throughout the day,
The house sits under the tree
Watching the cars pass by until its people return,
To fill the house with their food. Close its eyes.
Locked it up each night to protect it
The house waits then, creaking its floors at time in impatience
Waiting for the caretakers to awake and care for it once again.

Once, the caretakers left and the house sat empty
Soon, new caretakers took compassion and moved in.
They open its eyes in the morning, close them at night
Fill the house with food, protect it
Once again, it is content.

Seasons come and seasons go
And the house sits under the tree

Happy In-Dependence Day

Copyright 2012 K Buffaloe All Rights Reserved

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