Thursday, December 12, 2013

Getting Caught Up

Time to play catch up! Last month, we visited friends and a few destinations in western NC and the SC Upstate after plans fell through for a conference. The timing was perfect, and we saw the Blue Ridge dressed in autumn colors.

My favorite mountain pass
Here's a link to my post regarding our visit to NC's Chimney Rock State Park: 

The post is short, but that's by design. Any attempt to cover all the wonders of Chimney Rock would have led to a lengthy post even I wouldn't read. The geology alone would take up an entire post. For those not aware, part of the reason the landscape looks like it does is due to a fault time, which I hear is visible from a vantage point off the Skyline Trail. North Carolina consists of several terranes, so it has several fault lines, some exposed. See

On the working front, I submitted an article to the magazine I've been writing for this past year, but the issue isn't going to press as originally planned. I'm disappointed, but not for the reason you may think. The history turned out to be fascinating and I was looking forward to sharing it with readers. Right now, we're tentatively looking at a February release. I'm also in the midst of rewriting the sequel to a much-beloved novel, and was recently tickled to learn its prequel advanced to the semifinal rounds of a national contest. More on that later!

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