Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Quick Update

It's been years since eastern North Carolina has seen a snow flurry, but we've made up for it in the past two weeks with two winter events. Heavy snows blanketed the landscape, vastly improving the coastal plain view.

Copyright 2014 Kimberli Buffaloe

Copyright 2014 Kimberli Buffaloe
Here's a pic of the sky the night before the first storm moved in.

Copyright 2014 Kimberli Buffaloe
But ice is on the way. 

In addition to taking pics, I've been revamping a novel that I wrote in 2006 and promptly set aside. Some things do indeed improve with age. Knowledge and writing skills to name a few. I'm glad I put off cleaning the first draft until both improved. The rewrite is going well, and I hope to finish in a few days.

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