Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Family Time and Writing Progress

Some people want to escape their family. We can't get close enough to ours. Our kids live on the west coast so visits are rare.

Last week, we were able to spend time with one daughter and her family. The boys were pouring on the cute for us, and we soaked up every minute of a visit that somehow flew by. Precious times we've learned never to take for granted.

On the writing side of life, I finished the overhaul on a novel that waited years for attention and a title. River of Life is the sequel to the story that recently made the top ten in a national Christian writing contest, and I'm delighted that I'm finally able to do justice to both stories. While River is resting like a loaf of dough left to rise, I'm working on a novella called Lookout. I'm having a blast with this story, and I cannot wait to finish the last line.

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