Friday, April 18, 2014

Coming Up for Air

I've spent the past weeks working on several novel manuscripts, revising one and polishing another. I also uploaded six chapters of a work-in-progress to HarperCollins author site, Authonomy. I've been so busy with travel and writing, I haven't spent much time on Authonomy, so I've yet to make connections. I'll have to rectify that soon.

I've also been busy with ACFW's annual writing contest. Once again, I'm serving as a contest coordinator, and I enjoy working with aspiring authors, one of whom will hear his or her name called as a category winner during the ACFW Conference in September.

Temperatures have finally warmed up, and though we had a cold snap last week, the likes of which may have killed the buds about to burst forth on my azaleas, we visited a location known to have Pink Lady Slippers, one of many wild orchids that grow in the Carolinas. We didn't spot any on our way up the trail, but on the way back, we finally found one in bloom. What a treat!

My husband's size 12 hiking shoe to the right gives you an indication of how impressive these beauties are. Unfortunately, poachers have been known to dig them up, not knowing their existence relies on the pine trees that shade them. When in nature, take only pictures and memories.

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