Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Emerging from Hybernation

It's been a long winter, even for those of us in the south. The prolonged cold with few days of warmth not only battered our gardenia bushes, it kept us indoors. My northern friends will laugh at that and point out the amount of snow they had to put up with during the winter months, but there's a reason southerners live in the south. We can't deal with the cold any more than northerners can deal with our high heat and humidity.

This past weekend, we headed down to Myrtle Beach. I'm not fond of larger cities these days, but I have been spending more time at Myrtle, usually at writers retreats, and it's growing tolerable. It is, after all, a beach. But the city itself wasn't our goal. We wanted to explore the state park on our new bikes.

Ironically, it was the start of Bike Week in Myrtle Beach. A time when motorcyclists from across the country converge on the city and cruise up and down Ocean Blvd on Harleys. Our bikes, however, are a little more fuel efficient.

Biking the Beach. Copyright K Buffaloe 2014
They're also hybrids, so we had a great time exploring the parks and the trails. After locking the bikes on those racks, we strolled down the pier and then enjoyed a cup of Blue Bell Ice Cream at the gift shop. Photos from our trip are below. 

The bikes are turning into an adventure. Just last night, a pitbull chased us down and attempted to grab me off mine. That has created quite the conversation. Next time.

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