Thursday, January 15, 2015

Adventures in Family Ancestry

I had to put away the family tree for a while and work on my novel. Eventually though, I found myself once again scouring census records trying to identify generations past. It's an addiction fueled by one discovery after another.

In the past few days, I learned one of my husband's great grandmothers was born in the same rural county in Mississippi where my family lived. This being the south, I joking told friends I was getting nervous. I also solved a puzzle regarding my great grandmother and her parents. A mystery that involved a name change, not two separate individuals as we'd originally thought.

I found a physical description of a great, great grandfather, a description that closely matched mine, then identified my 3x gr grandmother with the help of the 1850 census.

The discoveries keep coming. In the past few weeks, I learned more than I did back in the late 90s when I attempted to research my family. Unlike then, services such as (no, they're no paying me or giving me free services :) have millions of records online making research fun and easy. My husband certainly got his money's worth out of that Christmas gift.

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