Saturday, February 07, 2015

From Dublin to Alabama

I discovered one of my 7th great grandfathers sailed to America from Dublin in 1683 as an indentured servant. I have no idea what Walter Newman thought when he sailed across the sea or whether he came by choice, but he worked seven years in Maryland, then at some point married and had my 6th great grandfather, Samuel.

Samuel and his wife moved to Spartanburg County, South Carolina. There, their daughter (my 5th great grandmother) married into an extended family who had strong ties to what would later become another line of my family. From what I've seen, the two clans lived closed to one another. A generation or two later, the two families along with one, possibly two other families in my line received land grants and moved to Pickens County, Alabama.

It's a shame Edward couldn't have lived long enough to see his family grow into settlers and landowners. Perhaps it would have made up for the years of degradation he suffered with the hope of something better.

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