Monday, February 22, 2016

Downton Abbey - Next to the Last

Season Six of Downton Abbey has been a sedate one, for sure. With the exception of Robert throwing up blood on Carson's impeccably set table during a dinner party, the action has been slow, almost sluggish, as the characters walked through the final season. That changed last night.

The next-to-last episode was the best I've seen in some time. The writing and acting were more emotional and heartfelt than it has been for several seasons, and it contained what few shows demonstrate these days--accountability.

Spoiler alert if you haven't seen it.

Edith acknowledged her undoing was her own fault this time, even as we were blaming Mary. Carson admitted he was certain Thomas lacked a heart, and one of my favorite moments in the show occurred during a moment of self-realization between Thomas and Mary, when they admitted they were responsible for the way others behaved toward them.

That's a truth we overlook today. In an effort to justify ourselves and continue the victim mentality that has become so pervasive, people overlook the fact that their own attitude, treatment of others, and behavior often causes the problems in their life, not who or what they are. We could greatly improve our lives if we just accept responsibility for our actions and decisions, and move forward to make positive changes.

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