Friday, September 30, 2016

The Innocent Victim of Rage

I hate it when someone who can't control their temper or their feelings picks up a weapon, whether it be a gun, knife, or car, and takes their unbridled emotions out on others. I hate that people have become violent and uncontrollable people who live by their own set of rules. I hate the carnage their selfish hostility wrecks on other people's lives.

The Townsville, SC shooting hit me worse than the others. At last check, a six-year-old boy named Jacob is clinging to life. One minute he was a happy little kid playing during recess, the next, his blood was draining into the ground. He died twice during the ordeal. Each time, God in His grace allowed him to be revived. This child has been weighing heavily on my mind. I see his picture on the news and he reminds me of my own grandson, also named Jacob. Also in first grade. Also six-years-old. It make the Townsville Jacob's plight even more real. I pray for him often, and as I said in a Facebook post, sometimes one just has to hold their breath and see what God in His sovereignty will do.
Please pray for Jacob. That if the Lord wills, he'll be restored to his family whole and without effects from the brain damage he suffered due to massive blood loss. And pray for this nation. The farther the country moves away from God, the more it becomes a writhing cesspool of sin, anger, and violence.

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